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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A little fun for NO SAFE HAVEN's release...

Okay everyone, we're going to have a little contest to celebrate the release of NO SAFE HAVEN. From today until April 15th - you can enter as many times as you want, but every entry must have ALL the answers and your special word :)- we're going to host a little scavenger hunt. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST CAREFULLY TO UNDERSTAND THE RULES TO ENTER.

A brand new WiFI Kindle. (value - $139)
An Alaskan Gift Basket. (value of $65)
Signed copies of No Safe Haven, Welcome Home, Pearl Girls AND two of Kim's CDs.
(One Grand Prize winner will receive all of the above, 3 others will receive the signed books and CDs)

Now here's the QUESTIONS:
1. In Welcome Home - why did the TSA suspect Kim of being dangerous?
2. In No Safe Haven - what kind of plane does Jenna Tikaani-Gray own?
3. In Welcome Home - how does Kim re-define normal? (full definition required)
4. In No Safe Haven - what mountain means "The Wife"? - original native name is required here - you may search on the internet for the answer if you haven't read the whole book.
5. In No Safe Haven - what does Jenna have of Marc's at the beginning of the story?
6. In No Safe Haven - what happened to the radio on the plane?
7. In No Safe Haven - what is VFR?
8. In No Safe Haven - what is the call sign of their plane?
9. In No Safe Haven - they are returning to Alaska from where?
10. In No Safe Haven and Welcome Home - what is the name of the condition that Kayla and Andie share.

Here are the RULES:
1) You must comment on the post for each entry using a word/phrase that is used in Alaska or about Alaska. (Examples: Denali is the tallest mountain in North America and is in Alaska. Or a nickname for Alaska is The Land of the Midnight Sun. Or the Iditarod, huskies, native Alaskan words, city names, etc. This should be fun, we have tons of cool words/phrases in No Safe Haven, but you can also look online.) Your comment must contain your name and the date along with your word or phrase.
2) Then send an email to: info at kimberleywoodhouse dot com with ALL the answers to the questions, placing your name and date and the word/phrase you used in your comment in the subject line of the email.
3) You may enter as many times as you would like. BUT Each comment must use a DIFFERENT word/phrase than your other entries (or it will not be counted), and all email entries with the answers to the questions must have your name, date, and your Alaskan word. :)
4) Winners will be drawn randomly in a controlled environment. Winner will be posted on our blogs. If you do not comment on the winning blog post within 24 hours - you forfeit your chance at the prize(s) and another winner will be chosen. If you are chosen as the winner - Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of prizes won.
5) Of course, we'd love everyone to purchase the books to be able to find the answers, but you may also look online. :) There are several places that have the beginnings of both books posted, so there is no purchase necessary to win.

Happy Hunting! And we hope you enjoy No Safe Haven! Thank you for celebrating the release of our new book with us!
PLEASE tell all your friends so they can have the chance to win as well. :)

Example of how to enter:
You MUST Comment in the comment section with a word/phrase. click on comments on any of the contest posts on any of our blogs. Enter your name and date and your Alaskan word or phrase - example: Kim, March 12, 2011, Iditarod

THEN - you MUST send an email to info at kimberleywoodhouse dot com
in the body of the email answer all the questions. Make sure your answer corresponds with the correct number. In the SUBJECT line of the email you must have your name, date, and word/phrase that you posted in the comment - example: Kim, March 12, 2011 Iditarod - should appear in the subject line.