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Friday, January 8, 2010

A Little Adventure...

Howdie and Welcome!!

As I’m writing this blog I’m listening to the best singer ever! Who? David Phelps! (Yes, music helps me think. Well, David Phelps’ music helps me think.) Have you ever listened to David Phelps? If not, go and buy one of his CDs! (End of the Beginning is one of my favs.)

Speaking of David Phelps, I went on an adventure today – use your imagination and follow me. . .

As I listened to David Phelps on my iPod and ate Ritz crackers, my camel stopped. “Hi ho! What seems ta be the holdup ‘round here?” I asked my camel, Susanna Pop (Pop for short).

In front of me, six other camels stopped dead in their tracks.

“Rats! This may cause a delay in getting to Mr. David’s concert.” I hopped off my camel and started talking to the other camel-ers.

“A beast walked right up in front of me!”

“I saw a flying fish!”

“A falcon attacked!”

“A human the size of Mighty Joe Young stopped me!”

“My camel’s leg is broken!” (I don’t know where that excuse came from, must’ve been the weather.)

I held up my hands and said, “Calm down! We’ll get out of this in no time.” But we were all thinking the same thing, would we get to the David Phelps concert in time?

Pop and I walked over to the front of the line and examined the tracks.

“Hmmm . . . looks like we need help from the Brownies!” I whistled and from out of the tumble weeds ran Tok and Shadow, the best figure-it-out dogs ever.

“Brownies, I need your help. We can’t move forward for fear of a big beast, but if we don’t go forward we’ll miss the concert.”

Tok ran in a circle and Shadow rolled over.

“Great! I knew you would help. Brownies - AWAY!” They jumped up and ran over to a cluster of tumble weeds, tails wagging.

“Wow, they’re fast!” Mr. ‘my-camel’s-leg-is-broken’ exclaimed.

Shadow moved the cluster away and revealed the monster.



It was awful.

Underneath sat a poor, baby polar bear, scared out of its wits.

“Tok, Shadow! You did it! If you hadn’t found the poor little thing he would have passed out from the heat. Good work.”

Cheers filled the air.

The Brownies took the polar bear back to his home and we camel-ers got to the David Phelps concert just in time.

As he finished the last note on Arms Open Wide, I thought about our adventure today.
God truly did know how to take care of things for his own special purposes. Happy little polar bear. Happy little Pop. Happy little life.

It was a fun adventure.

Uh oh, we have a new crisis:
A giant baby has been seen around Bubble Bath Park and won’t stop crying - How would you stop the baby from crying? We’ve tried food, candy, and tickle bugs, but nothing seems to work! If we don’t stop the baby’s crying soon, he may destroy all of Bubble-burg!

Can’t wait ‘til next time!-Kayla

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